Mammals for the Young Naturalist is a Childhood by Nature fact and activity book designed to help children interested in mammals become young naturalists. Children will learn fun facts about the wide world of mammals as well as things they can do to help mammals in our world.

Our nature-based curriculum for parents, educators and homeschoolers, 15 Weeks of Nature, is a fun outdoor learning crash course designed to turn any child into a young naturalist. The course was designed specifically for  elementary and middle school children to help them look more closely at nature. The 15 easy-to-follow activities can be followed in any order and is an ideal entry point for learning in and from nature.

The Childhood by Nature blog is where we share our enthusiasm for the natural world and our ideas for the best ways to spark a child's curiosity for nature and nurture your young naturalists.

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While there's no replacement for experiencing nature in real life, our Armchair Naturalist corner is a place for kids to read the facts, news and stories about the fascinating world of wildlife and nature so they will grow more deeply in love with the natural world.

Books, resources, tools for the budding naturalist—and their parents and teachers!

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Our Activity Finder is designed to bring you tested, practical ideas to your family. Because chasing fireflies, making mud pies, and building forts are really the essential elements of childhood.

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