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mortar and pestle for nature learning

Sure you can purchase a gift card or give them a candle but how about enriching your child's learning experience with a natural-history-themed classroom gift this year?

Make it as seamless as possible by stocking up on nature-based learning tools for your homeschool or child's classroom. From field kits to bird ID cards or scat replicas (which are sure to please most kids), these creative and educational gifts are sure to get more nature into your child's learning time!

Butterfly Garden Kits For Raising Butterflies

Kids love to learn about butterfly life cycles. Using these kits, Butterfly Larvae grow into beautiful butterflies over the course of approximately two to three weeks. Kids can watch the development from caterpillar to chrysalis to beautiful Painted Lady butterflies. These butterfly kits include a coupon that you submit to the butterfly farm when you are ready to receive your caterpillars.

butterfly habitat

Cottontail Rabbit ScatCast® Replica

Acorn Naturalists’ ScatCast® replicas are arranged and cast from scat samples collected in the field. This life-size replica shows every detail found in the original specimen. Each is custom created using tough, natural-looking, non-toxic, flexible vinyl polymers that last for years. Many naturalists use these replicas to “seed” trails and then discuss “who was here,” predator/prey relationships, or diet preferences. 

scat replica for nature learning

Leaves and Seeds of Trees Displays

This set includes carefully selected leaves and their matching freeze-dried seeds from 16 different types of trees have been mounted in plastic cases for learners to observe, compare and categorize. Each mount is labeled with the common and botanical names and has an informational backing with a range map and descriptions of the leaf arrangement, tree size, fruit type and habitat for each species. Real leaves and seeds will be sure to excite and inspire young botanists as they compare and contrast, discover and discuss. 

leaves and seed for nature learning

Starry, Starry Day Constellation Keychain Activity Kit

Nature Watch has created and professionally die-cut cardboard medallions with holes to represent each individual star in a constellation. When light shines through the medallion, the image of the constellation appears. This can be done indoors using a single bulb flashlight to make the constellation visible on the wall or ceiling, or can be done outdoors on a bright sunny day to see the constellation on the ground. 

constellation kit nature learning

Nature Based Library

Any classroom will benefit by the addition of any of the books on our list of carefully-chosen books for kids included in the list focus on the beauty and wonder of nature and can help young children develop an understanding and appreciation of the natural world.

nature books

Super Sunprint® Kit

The Super Sunprint® Kit from Acorn Naturalists utilizes a unique sun-sensitive paper that, after exposure, develops in tap water. Natural objects such as ferns, flowers, or leaves are placed under an acrylic cover (provided) and exposed to the sunlight. This kit contains fifteen sheets and one acrylic cover sheet. 

sunprint kit for nature learning

Animal Food Chain Food Web Activity Kit

This Food Chain Activity Kit teaches children about the importance of food chains and provides a model for them to create and take home. Kids can color, cut out and glue the images onto the 5 tubes which represent different links in the chain; then, starting with the smallest, have each member of the model chain "eaten" by the next until all of them are "consumed" by the top member. Each tube "nests" within the next to vividly illustrate how a food chain works. Top and Bottom Caps are provided for easy storage by each child.

foodchain for nature learning

Weatherproof Top Spiral Notebook

Encourage field observation even on rainy days, which are often the best days for weather observation, with these waterproof notebooks. Buy a few so children can work together in groups or go in together with other families.

waterproof notebooks

Build a Beaver Dam® Model Kit

While on the pricier range for class gifts, this Beaver Dam kit is an excellent and engaging STEM activity. Beavers have long used STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) to build their amazing dams. This kit contains everything needed to design and replicate a working beaver dam. The challenge is to build one that is “leaky” yet retains enough water to form a pond. Connect with your school’s PTO to purchase a few of these for your child’s class. 

beaver dam kit

Mortar and Pestle

This wooden mortar and pestle from Nature Play SA will spark curiosity, help develop mental and physical skills and lastly and most importantly – encourage children to learn while having fun. Kids can use the tool to grind or mash anything non-toxic in the garden. Flowers, herbs and grasses release aromas when ground that will engage the senses. Combine items with different consistencies and smells. Chalk can also be crushed in the mortar then by adding water children can experience making their own paint.

mortar and pestle for nature learning

Insect Hotel

With the Navaris Medium Insect Hotel, you can offer mason bees, butterflies, ladybugs, green lacewings and other solitary insects a safe environment for shelter and nesting in any green space where you would like to encourage essential pollinators.

insect house

Monarch Watch Bookmarks

A back to school gift for the entire class to love. This Monarch Bookmark Pack includes a total of 60 bookmarks (10 each of 6 designs). Each bookmark (approximately 2" x 8") features a beautiful photo on the front and related information on the back. Themes include monarch conservation, monarch research, monarch facts, Monarch Waystations, and more! These bookmarks are a great way to promote monarch conservation awareness.

monarch butterfly bookmarks

Worm Farm Observation Kit

Worm Farm Observation Kit lets kids of all ages take delight in observing the wiggly world of worms. This observation kit makes learning fun as kids can watch these ecosystem engineers dig tunnels, aerate the soil, and go through the worm life cycle in front of their eyes. A great opportunity to learn more about a worm’s importance in our ecosystem!

worm farm for nature learning

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