A Child & Nature Reunion

Your child can calm their body and mind with the help of the clouds above. Clouds offer us a moment to connect with the ever-shifting and changing movements of nature, and of ourselves. Watching the drifting and changing shapes can help children understand that emotions and thoughts, like clouds, are ever-evolving, ever-shifting. When a child has had a bad day or a sad experience, looking up at the clouds can help them remember that these bad experiences, too, shall pass.

Though this quick cloud meditation works best when done on a sunny day with blue skies and white clouds in the sky, some children may enjoy focusing on clouds on gray days.

To begin, head outside with your child and help them find a comfortable place to sit or lie down and gaze upwards. If the day is rainy or requires you to be indoors, your child can also sit by a window and look out. Always remind them not to look directly at the sun as it can damage our eyes.


Once your child is comfortable, ask them to look up and take a deep breath.

Now ask them to notice the color of the sky. What colors do they see in it? Is it changing?

Now ask them to shift their focus to the clouds. Ask them what shapes they see in the clouds, perhaps an animal, a face, or an object. What do they notice about the cloud's movement?

As they are following the clouds, remind your child that, just as a cloud effortlessly changes shape, they can feel free to let go of any thoughts they want to.  Like life's challenges, clouds change shape and move onward, revealing the shining sun, twinkling stars, and blue sky that are behind them.

Remind your child that clouds are almost always seen above our heads and can be turned to anytime that your child needs to clear their thoughts or press "reset." As clouds drift above, unaffected by the busy pace of our world, they remind us all that peace is always available to us.

Or your child simply may prefer to drift along with the clouds for a time, keeping their minds open and free just as the clouds are.

After a few moments, ask your child to bring their gaze back to the whole sky, breathe deeply and let their mind wander.

Enjoy cloud gazing for as long as you wish.

Fell free to adapt this meditation in any way you see fit. In addition, there are many meditations available to you online. Here's one excellent cloud meditation to follow along with.

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