A Child & Nature Reunion

Teach your child that "smart" phones really can be smart and helpful by taking photos of local trees and sharing the info with tree scientists.

Invasive diseases and pests threaten the health of America’s forests. Scientists are working to understand what allows some individual trees to survive, but they need to find healthy, resilient trees in the forest to study. That’s where concerned foresters, landowners, and citizens (like you and your child) can help. Help your child use your phone to tag trees you find in your community, on your property, or out in the wild using TreeSnap! Scientists will use the data you collect to locate trees for research projects like studying the genetic diversity of tree species and building better tree breeding programs. Your child does not have to be an expert in tree ID to participate but they will surely brush up on their dendrology skills by participating in TreeSnap.

TreeSnap is an app that was developed as a collaboration between Scientists at the University of Kentucky and the University of Tennessee and is funded in part by the NSF Plant Genome Research Program.


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