A Child & Nature Reunion

The lazy, hazy days of summer are becoming a distant memory and the weather is cooling down. It's officially fall in the Northern Hemisphere!  And many of us agree that it's the best time of the year to head outdoors with the family and immerse ourselves in the beauty of this busy season.

We've rounded up our favorite fall family activities in this list and, though we do love a nice fall foliage drive, we've kept the list active and outdoors. Any of these activities should help your kids settle into the season and become just a little more of a natural history expert along the way.


With incredible foliage colors and crisp air, a family hike could be the perfect way to spend a fall day. Check out our tips to make your fall hike fun and safe.

With leaves literally falling to the ground and acorns all around, finding the loose parts of fall during a fall nature scavenger hunt is always a fun way for a child to tune into nature. Because we're sure you have a lot going on, we created a fall nature scavenger hunt for you!


Jump in a Pile of Leaves

Don’t blow those leaves or bag them! Insects and other critters rely on decaying leaves for nutrients and shelter. Just rake some of them up into a pile to let your kid jump in them!

Two words: fall migration. If you are fortunate enough to live near a fall migration route, get out your binoculars and help your child see the dynamic world of nature for themselves. Be sure to read through our posts on why to start birding with your kids and how to get started!

child birding

Building their own natural history museum from found objects in nature allows your child to collect, explore and curate objects in nature for their own designed natural history museum.  Get ready to be shocked at how much you all learn from this nearby nature activity!

Help your child soak in the beauty of the season through nature poetry. Nature, especially in the fall, is brimming with sights, sounds, textures, colors just waiting to inspire little poets. Our guide can help you both get started!

nature journaling

Go on a Fall Bike Ride

With the hot days of summer behind us, a brisk bike ride in the fall is a healthy and scenic way for a family to spend the day together.

Fall is the perfect time to build a bug hotel or bug house with your kids. Part garden art and part winter habitat, bug hotels are crucial for helping beneficial local insects thrive by making your backyard a sanctuary for them. We have tips for you to get started whether you want to build a bug house, mansion or community!


Plant Bulbs

Fall is the perfect time to start planning ahead and planting bulbs for next spring and summer. 

Help your child discover the fascinating role and world of leaves by encouraging them to start a leaf identification journal. This is a great way for your child to take notice of leaves, identify trees in your area or place you visit, make scientific observations about a leaf’s environment and condition.


Fuzzy, tiny, winged, clawed, fanged—they wheel through the night sky with shrill cries. Their role is so vital on our planet that we need kids to fall in love with them. And the fall is a great time to go out bat watching!

Go Mushroom Hunting

Head out on the hunt for the perfect fall mushroom- one of the many treasures the woodlands have to offer.


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