A Child & Nature Reunion

Spring is a true gift from nature. After a long and hard winter, people and many other creatures take comfort in the beauty and rebirth that spring represents. During the season, when you are outside with your children, don't just pass by the stunning spring blooms. Take time to observe and appreciate them.

Don't Just Smell the Flowers, Study Them!

There is a great deal to learn and teach about spring flowers such as: why do they bloom when they do? why are they such gorgeous colors and fantastic shapes? Be sure to read our post on heading out on a Hanami to become an overnight expert on spring blooms, which is sure to impress your kids!

Then, learn about the local spring blooms in your part of the world. We've included some of the most popular spring beauties suspects in our gallery below. Be sure to download and print our Spring Blossoms Scavenger Hunt so your child can keep track of the many different types of blooms they see this season!

Aren't They Lovely?

This gallery attempts to capture the beauty of some of the most common spring flowers seen around the world.

gallery of popular spring blooms
April 17, 2021

Hello! Thank you for this wonderful resource and inspiration! One remark – you have a picture of a snowdrop where it is labelled “Lily of the Valley” in your gallery of the most common spring flowers. Cheers!

May 9, 2021

Thank you so much for bringing our attention to it! All fixed now!

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