A Child & Nature Reunion
Boys playing nature bingo

If your family has committed to spending time in nature together this year, the next (and very important) step is to decide what you should do!

With such a wide range of options from nature art to forest bathing or rock climbing, there is a nature activity out there for everyone. But, if yours is like most families, your family members might have their own strong opinions on which activities to take on— and might not all agree. You can take the tension out of the decision and make the decision-making fun with a pre-activity game of Nature Bingo! Think about hosting your pre-activity game earlier in the week so you can start to prepare and get your gang psyched during the week.

Here are some easy steps to hosting your own Nature Bingo game with your family.

Step 1. Brainstorm 1- 2 dozen season-appropriate nature activity ideas that appeal to your family. The more activities you can come up with, the better! Check our Activity Finder for ideas.

Step 2. Head to this website, paste your list of activities and generate your cards. To make it easier for your first game, we made a set of Nature Bingo cards for you (click for the free printables below) from a list of nature activities, most of which are found in our Activity Finder.

Step 3. Print up the number of Nature Bingo cards you need for your family as well as the call list.

Step 4. Designate one person as the caller.

Step 5. Use acorns or stones your kids collect outside as markers. The first person with a full row, column or diagonal completed wins.

Step 6. The winner can either choose the activity of their choice or you can decide that the last activity called that led to the winning card wins.


Childhood by Nature's Nature Bingo cards (click each image to download the free printables), call list and list of activities from our Activity Finder:


Nature Bingo Card 1Nature Bingo Card 3


Nature Bingo Card 4Nature Bingo Card 5Nature Bingo Card 6

Nature Bingo Call List

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